Frigerio Safety

Operating in total safety is one of the priorities in this field and in partcular in the building field where the need of working at significant heights and with unstable materials implies adopting proper security measures as settled by the Legislative Decree 81/2008 on safety.
For this reason Frigerio Company, through his Safety Department, can provide a wide and accurate selection of safety devices such as lifelines for cement, steel and tinplate roofs and pergolas, anti-fall staircases and tracks, personal protective equipment (PPE) of third category and collective protecion systems.

The fields of Frigerio Safety

Other Fall Protection Devices

Current regulations ratify that every workspace placed above 2 meters upon the stable planking level must be secured through a fall arrest system; obviously in this definition also the industrial machineries and overhead travelling cranes are included: products that need constant maintenance and that expose the worker to relevant dangers.

Frigerio Safety provides a wide range of fall arrest devices and systems for securing any workplaces exposed at risk of falling from above and any workers who operate in these workplaces.