Lifelines for wooden roofs

Lifelines and anti-fall systems for working safely on wooden roofs and upholsteries

Lifelines for wooden rooofs are completely realized in stainless steel, approved and tested according to the regulation DIN EN 795:2012 in A, B and C categories. They are also CE Marked and DEKRA certified. Frigerio Company provides anchoring devices of ABS-Lock® X-H series, developed especially for the use on wooden substructures.

For the specific characteristics of wooden roofs, these lifelines are available with 3 different anchors that can be used as follows:

- on wooden beams-joists of the minimum size 100*120 mm (ABS-Lock® X-H-4 and ABS-Lock® X-Fi II),
- on joists and matchboards with the minimum width of 60 mm (ABSLock® H-8+2),
- on wooden boards from 24 mm or OSB panels (rough particleboard) with a minimum thickness of 18 mm (ABSLock® X-H-16).