Safety PPE

Individual Personal Protective Equipment in order to safeguard the operator

The top priority of safety in workplaces is shown by several regulations and instructions about the appropriate prevention of every kind of injury. Among these regulations there is the Legislative Decree 81/08 which replaced the old famous Law 626, that in the Article 77(5) estabilishes that employers have to provide an adequate training for the third category PPE and for hearing protectors. In effect they are individual protective devices intended to safeguard the operator from risks of death or serious injury and permanent disablement. In this category also devices of primary importance such as vertical lifelines and harnesses, anti-fall arrest with frontal and dorsal coupling, protection helmets with throat straps, connectors, retractable anti-fall devices, lanyard with shock absorbers, guided anti-fall devices for soft or rigid anchoring. 

In this section we present the range of third category PPE provided by Frigerio Company, all selected by reputable partners in the safety field, chosen for their characteristics of reliability, resistance and quality.